Reluft AG is an international trading company specialized in distributing systems and components for the air management industry. More specifically, Reluft AG deals with the supply of custom-made products for sound attenuation, air filtration and air distribution.
Thanks to its unique geographic location on the border between Grisons and Italy, Reluft AG takes advantage of its preferred access to the premium products Valtelline offers in this specific field. As a matter of fact, an industry cluster has developed over the decades in this industrious valley in Lombardy, specialized in the research, development and production of custom-made air treatment products, responding to the specific needs of an international clientele, requiring non-standard products of the highest quality.

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Air filtration


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Reluft AG
Via Cantonale 65
CH-7744 Campocologno – GR

Pietro Della Cà
Managing Director
M +41 79 404 4271

Ivan Della Cà
Project Manager
M +41 79 620 5153